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Best Forex Brokers allowed to trade in South Africa. Rating with real reviews

Forex trading appears to be a difficult task. You may not need to trade on foreign exchange markets to make a profit. Since long, copy trading has been available on the market. This is a way to automatically copy successful traders' transactions into an account. Simply connect to the service and select an account you wish to copy to make profit. Copy trading refers to an automated trading system where transactions are copied from one account into another. How is this possible? You can copy transactions from special platforms. Once you have registered on such a platform, you can choose a provider of signals to subscribe to his trading signals. Once the trader has completed his transactions, they are automatically replicated in you trading account.
Justforex Pros
Earnings without any knowledge
Transactions can bring you profit, regardless of your skill level
Trades are performed by professional traders
Trading style. You can choose the signals provider that suits your trading style
Enjoy more time. It is not necessary to spend much time watching the market
You can choose as many signal providers as you like
This allows you to diversify your risks
This helps to minimize losses and ensures that you don't lose all your money at once
You can hedge a losing deal with another one that is profitable
The profit is smaller but the risk of losing all the money goes down
Justforex Cons
High risk
Forex can be ambiguous and unpredictable
Even though the trades are profitable, signals providers can make mistakes and turn minus
Copy trading is risky
Professional degradation
Copying someone else's deal can cause you to lose your unique flair
You don't pay attention to the market, you don't learn from your mistakes, and you avoid technical and fundamental analysis
As the muscles are not exercised, the brain can relax without new knowledges
Always turn on the trading platform/terminal
Trade Nation's intuitive, well-designed trading app is a great platform for beginners in forex and CFD trading. Trade Nation may not have the advanced features that you would expect from top trading platforms, however, it might be a problem for seasoned traders.
Trade Nation Pros
Regulated in Australia and the U.K., South Africa, and the Bahamas
Trade Nation's web and mobile platforms are well-designed and simple to use. This has earned them a Best in class ranking for their Ease Of Use category.
Smart News, available on the web platform and mobile app, curates tweets and news headlines.
ChartIQ on Trade Nation powers charts for mobile and web.
Trading signals powered by Acuity Trading can be easily copied using a click in a trade ticket.
Fixed spreads are competitive for CFD and forex trading, except during rollover.
Loyalty rebates in South Africa or the Bahamas offer discounts starting at 10% on spreads and a maximum of $2,500 per client.
Trade Nation Cons
Web platform lacking headlines and market research beyond smart news feature.
Blog updates are only occasionally available on market research.
It is very limited in terms of educational content and the videos and articles are not varied.
MetaTrader Suite is no longer being promoted.
Globex360 is a global online trading platform that allows you to trade Forex, CFDs, and indices. You can also trade with precious metals. All available energy and cryptocurrencies. Our goal is to provide our clients with the best trading experience possible. Our Group was established in 2017 and has expanded its global reach since then. It offers its services globally through its regulated trading partners. Globex360deg has become a truly global company. We are able to support our clients in any geographic area they may trade. We have strong working relationships with our partners.
Globex360° Pros
Our leveraged products and exchange traded funds allow you to trade gold
Regulated by FSCA and FIAMLA, POCA2002, POCA 2002, and POTA2002
Different trading accounts are available depending on traders' experience
A variety of trading instruments
Globex360° Cons
It does not offer protection against negative balance
The withdrawal process can take a while
Accepts no clients from the USA, Canada, or Belgium
Only MT4 trading platform available
Stock Market Dynamics is an accredited online financial education company based in South Africa that offers courses about how to trade successfully on the financial markets. Our motto is Trading made easy. Every client is unique and needs a different approach. Our mission is help clients navigate changing market conditions and personal life circumstances to create a strategy that suits their needs. We are objective about your situation and value the relationship. This is why you will get the best advice and direction. We offer access to many investment products and services. We are here to help you make informed decisions and manage your portfolio. It's impossible to wrong thousands of clients. Thanks to its reputation built over five years, our brand has thousands of satisfied clients. We strive to maintain that high standard of excellence as part of our mission. We create a trusting, reliable, and technologically advanced trading environment, while providing exceptional customer service to every client.
Stock Market Dynamics Pros
Increase your sales
Find out more about your customers
Keeps you competitive
Free sales training
Stock Market Dynamics Cons
Big commission
Customers frustrated
Lost business
CFD traders have the option of leveraged trading. Leveraged trading can be a powerful tool for CFD traders. It allows them to maximize returns even on small price changes and to increase their exposure to the markets they desire. It is important to remember that leverage can either work in your favor or against you. You can make greater profits when asset prices are in your favor, but you will also be subject to increased losses if they move against you. Leverage allows you to trade with a smaller amount of money, but gives you the opportunity to have a larger market position. This is called'margin'. The level of leverage that a broker can offer depends on which regulatory conditions it adheres to in each jurisdiction it is permitted to offer trading services. Leveraged trading allows traders to only invest a small percentage of their entire position. This will depend on the broker's leverage and the amount of leverage that the trader wants to use. It also depends heavily on the regulatory authorities who are responsible for overseeing the online trading market in their jurisdiction.
AvaTrade Pros
Boosts Capital. Leverage increases the capital available for investment in different markets
With a 100-to-1 leverage, you can control $100,000 of trading capital for as little as $1,000
This allows you to allocate significant amounts to different trade positions within your portfolio
Interest-Free Loan. Your broker may provide you with leverage to help you take a larger market position
This 'loan’ does not have any obligation in the way of interest or commission
You can use it however you like when trading
Magnified Profits. Trades that are in traders' favor can be leveraged to make higher profits
Profits are earned from the trade position managed and not the margin lowered
This means traders can still make substantial profits, even when underlying assets have marginal price movements
Mitigating Against Low Volatility. Market price changes are often accompanied by cycles of low and high volatility
Trading volatile markets is a favorite pastime of traders because it allows them to make money from price movements
Because of the lack of price movement, periods of low volatility can prove to be frustrating for traders
Leveraged trading allows traders to make bigger profits even in low volatility periods
Trading Premium Markets. Trades with leverage allow traders to trade more expensive and prestigious instruments
Many retail investors may be locked out by the high price of some instruments
However, leverage allows these markets and assets to be traded, allowing the average retail investor to take advantage of the many trading opportunities
AvaTrade Cons
Amplified Losses. Trading with leverage carries the greatest risk
Losses, just like profits, are amplified when you trade against the market
Although leverage may not require a large capital outlay, trading results can be significant because they are dependent on the size of your position
Margin call risk. When floating losses exceed your margin, you will get the dreaded broker 'Margin Call'
Leverage amplifies losses so there is always a'margin risk' when you trade in fast-changing financial markets
HotForex (HF Markets Europe) has an enhanced MetaTrader offering, quality research and a copy trading platform. HFcopy offers a decent selection, over 1,000 CFDs, and 47 forex pairs. HotForex's trading costs are still slightly higher than the industry average. The HF mobile app doesn't yet support trading.
HotForex Pros
FX Blue Labs has developed Premium Trader Tools that enhance the default MetaTrader suite.
HotForex is able to balance in-house market analysis with third-party research content and news.
Special research reports are produced by an in-house team, including quarterly, annual, and monthly outlooks.
HotForex's Traders Board module offers sentiment and correlation data.
HotForex Cons
HotForex's educational content is lacking in quality, despite a good selection of videos.
All account types have trading costs slightly higher than the industry average.
HotForex's copy trading platform HFcopy requires 300 EUR to follow existing strategies (copy). It is less mature than eToro’s offering.
Although the HF app has been improved, trading is not allowed. HotForex traders can only use MetaTrader.
What are the pros and cons of day trading vs scaling? Traders often struggle to decide which trading strategy is best for them during high volatility periods. While it may be difficult to decide which trading style is best for you, there are some advantages to day trading and scalping during times of uncertainty.
Pepperstone Pros
the most popular trading strategy
making huge profits
relatively small price fluctuations
1-5 or 15-minute charts
Pepperstone Cons
wait for support/resistance levels
traders tend to open and close fewer positions per day than scalpers
tend to focus more on longer timeframe trends
15-minute, 1-hour and 4-hour charts
Plus500UK Ltd is a UK-based company that offers the Plus500 trading platform. Its main offices are located in London. The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), has authorized and regulated the company to offer Contracts For Difference (CFD). The company is an emerging CFD provider in Europe, Asia, and offers over a million clients its over 1000 instrument portfolio. Plus500 aims to provide clients with the opportunity to trade all financial products around the world, including shares, ETFs and Indices. Plus500 is a multiasset trading platform. Our extensive coverage covers the UK, US, European, and Asian exchanges. We have strong relationships with some of the most important international banks to provide the best trading platform for our clients. We pass these benefits to our clients in the form of better execution, greater deals size, and lower prices. Our trading platform can be accessed from multiple devices: PCs, Macs, iPhones, Android smartphones and tablets.
Plus500 Pros
Plus500 is a simple and easy-to-use website with a well-designed mobile platform.
Great customer service and account opening.
Customer service is quick and efficient.
Plus500 charges no withdrawal fees and has low stock trading fees.
Inactivity fees apply only if you do not log in to the platform.
Account opening for is easy, quick and completely digital.
Plus500 offers great deposit and withdrawal services.
Credit card available
This Plus500 trading platform is simple to use.
Plus500 offers outstanding customer service that is available 24 hours a day. The live chat as well as email support are fast and reliable.
Plus500 Cons
Plus500 offers only the standard research tools. No fundamental data or recommendations are available.
It is difficult to find educational tools.
High forex fees.
Limited customization for workspace.
Not available for popular asset classes like futures and ETFs.
Plus500 doesn't offer trading ideas nor fundamental data about assets.
Phone support not available.
Our vision was a Forex trading platform which allows traders to access all available products on global exchanges. Traders choose FP Markets due to the fact that they can trade CFDs with Forex, Shares, or Indices from one account. Our deep understanding and appreciation of traders is what distinguishes us from other competitors. With the right price, execution speed and cutting edge platforms, clients can trade with confidence. We also understand that customers require market analysis and customer support. As a global forex broker we are committed for our clients' interest. Our commitment to excellence is what makes our forex broker one of the most admired in the world.
FP Markets Pros
MT5 offers a wide range of powerful analytical tools, including 38 technical indicators that allow simultaneous display of up 100 stock quotes charts and currencies
MT 5 integrates tools to perform full fundamental analysis including an economic calendar
Market Depth, or Depth of Market [DOM], is another advantage to MT5, which displays active Bids/Offers in the market
MT5 users have access to many more tools than MT4
Programmers can also get many free tools
You can make your own tools if you have programming experience
MT5 supports netting and hedging options
There are four order execution operations available: Instant' Request', Market', and Exchange' execution
The platform supports various trade orders, including 'Market' (pending), 'Stop Orders’ and 'Trailing Stop Orders’
Algorithmic trading (copy trading), is one of the best features of your MT5
MT5 offers a fully integrated development environment, which allows traders to quickly build and refine their trading strategies using robots
The powerful MQL5 programming language allows traders to evaluate quotes and execute trades according to the underlying algorithm
You can also choose from pre-configured trading software if you're not a programmer
Mobile trading with MT5 allows traders to trade Forex, stocks and futures from anywhere and at any time
You can now carry the MT5 trading platform's vast capabilities in your pocket
MT5 Mobile offers many trading options and facilities, including netting and hedging
The app provides professional technical analysis via a set of built-in indicators and analytical items
MT5 Mobile allows you to quickly review your transactions, purchase and sell currencies, and swap assets in one click
FP Markets Cons
Although the new FP Markets app for mobile is a welcome addition to mobile trading, it still lacks many key features that are found in other top apps.
Although the educational content in FP markets isn't very strong, it has improved through podcasts.
FP Markets Iress platform focuses primarily on share trades and not forex. If you don't trade regularly or have a large balance, data fees can add up quickly.
FP Markets has a social trading portal that is compatible with MetaTrader 4 although it does not offer advanced performance metrics such copy trading leaders.
IC Markets is a well-respected Forex CFD provider. They provide trading solutions for active traders and scalpers, as well new traders to market. IC Markets offers its clients cutting-edge trading platforms, superior liquidity, and low latency connectivity. IC Markets is revolutionizing online forex trading. Traders have now access to pricing previously only available to high-net-worth individuals and investment banks. Our management team is well-versed in CFD, Forex, and Equity markets in Asia as well as North America. We have been able to identify the most efficient technology solutions and best pricing providers on the market thanks to this experience.
IC Markets Pros
IC Markets charges low forex fees
It is simple and quick to open an account.
Both deposits and withdrawals can be made free of charge and are very user-friendly.
IC Markets charges low trading and non-trading commissions.
No withdrawal or inactivity charges
The account opening process at IC Markets can be done in a user-friendly manner and is completely digital.
Credit/Debit card available
No deposit fee
Several account base currencies
MetaTrader provides the web trading platform for IC Markets. MetaTrader provides a platform that is customizable and available in multiple languages. It also offers a detailed fee report.
IC Markets Cons
IC Markets only offers CFDs and forex.
The live chat is slow and ineffective.
Investor protection is not available to non-EU clients.
CFDs have high financing rates.
Withdrawals are subject to some restrictions

How to Choose the Best Forex Broker for Trading Success?

We are glad that you have decided to trade forex. This is a great way to become financially secure, and you can feel like you are in control of your own destiny.

Before you can open champagne and throw a party, however, there are some things that you need to do. Find a trustworthy broker in your region and start trading. It will then become more routine and easy, but it is important to plan and execute the first steps carefully. They say that a good beginning leads to a great ending.

If South Africa is your home, and you are looking for a guide to finding trusted Forex brokers in Africa then you have come to the right place. So that you can choose the best deal on the market, we’ll provide a list of key considerations.

Licenses and legal matters

Only deal with licensed brokers to trade safely and be sure that you will get your money back in the event of fraud. This is our #1 tip. Although it is not required to obtain a license to fore-trade in South Africa, it is recommended. It is a sign of compliance and security that traders who obtain it are willing to follow the law. FSCA (Financial Sector Conduct Authority) is responsible for licensing traders. Funds of traders who trade with FSCA-licensed broker are now more secure than ever.

Look for Forex brokers who have been accredited by the AISC, CFTD and FCA. These regulators are respected in the United States, Europe and Asia and keep an eye on security and financial operations. Your funds will also be protected under their watch.

Fees and accounts

Different brokers offer different types of trading tools and commissions. You should verify whether the broker offers fixed spread, commission-based, or no-commission accounts. Find out about their deposits, leverages, margins and margins. What is the minimum deposit? What are the withdrawal and deposit fees? Is there a lower withdrawal limit What is the maximum amount you can withdraw each day? These questions will help you determine if your trading goals and trading capabilities match.

Features on the platform

Fees are only one aspect to be considered. Take a look at the platform and all its features. Evaluate the available analytical tools. You should be able to execute transactions like buying and selling. If anything happens, can you close your positions? Are you able to navigate the platform easily? Many things are dependent on the ease of use, particularly in times of market panic and FOMO (no we don’t encourage you to fall for FOMO hypes).


It is important to resolve problems and answer questions quickly. Any delay could cost you a lot. You should verify that customer support is available and responsive.


See the reviews. The reviews of those who have used the platform to make (or lose) money can be very helpful. Don’t skip this step, and learn firsthand about brokers.

We have compiled a list of South Africa’s most trusted and licensed financial brokers. We’ve included all of the relevant information. You just need to choose the one that suits you best and begin your trading career.