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Human Resources - Personnel Management
Number of lessons:
Course duration: 5 months
Employment: No
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Price: R2,990
In this subject you will look at ways to increase people's productivity through organisational structure, culture, resource planning, job design and job descriptions. Study material delivered to your door. Study plan and assessment submission schedule. Unlimited access to a tutor. Student support (proactive engagement by a student counsellor). Internal Exam papers and an ICASS mark submitted to Department of Education.
If students have a relevant degree or previous work experience, they may be exempted from certain levels of the CIMA Professional Qualification. Candidates with the necessary knowledge can accelerate their journey to becoming a CGMA. For anyone who wants to finish their studies in the fastest time possible, this may seem like a simple decision. This can lead to bigger pitfalls later on, just like many shortcuts.
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Diploma in Human Resources Management
Number of lessons:
Course duration:
Employment: No
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Price: R24 750
Do you have an interest in becoming the voice behind the employees of an organisation, a passion for team dynamics and a flair for talent management? Human Resources may be the career path for you. In short, Human Resources or HR refers to the role of managing employees within an organisation. This Human Resources Management Course will open the door for you in these organisations. Traits that categorise a HR manager includes soft skills like leadership capabilities, a strong ethical standing and ability to systematically solve problems.
Higher Certificate in Human Resource Management
Number of lessons:
Course duration: 1 year
Employment: No
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Price: R27 489
The Higher Certificate in Human Resource Management is a one year programme that prepares students for employment in human resource positions. Being in possession of a top-quality human resource management course is critical for the long-term sustainability and economic growth of the Southern African industry, business and other types of organisations. People in industry and business determine to a great extent economic success or failure, and therefore it is critical that supervisors and administrative staff have the basic ability to engage with the changing demands of the workplace and industry.
Digital HR Strategy
Number of lessons:
Course duration: 10 hours
Employment: No
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Price: $ 975
You will learn to think strategically about leveraging technology and to create value for your organization. You will have the skills and knowledge to create a digital HR strategy from scratch that aligns people, technology, and data.
Certificate in Human Resource Management
Number of lessons:
Course duration: 6 months
Employment: No
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Price: $399.00
An effective human resource management strategy is a valuable asset to any company, but those running small businesses often cannot justify designating a full-time HR professional to manage employee relations, compensation, policy-making, performance management, and employee appraisals. This suite of courses will teach you the basics of managing the benefits and policies that support an effective staff. What does an employer need to know about anti-discrimination regulations? What are the key aspects of pay policies? How can employers avoid the traps of the employee selection process? In this suite of courses, you will discover the answers to these and other important questions.
The Strategic HR Business Partner
Number of lessons:
Course duration: 5 weeks
Employment: No
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Price: $280
The Program looks at the evolving job of the HR Business Partner through the lens of five different “roles” HR Business Partners have to master in order to excel in their evolving position. A great HR Business Partner must balance strategy and execution. They must have an intimate understanding of the business challenges their team is working to solve and be able to re-frame those challenges through the lens of talent and employee experience. They must ask great questions and design creative solutions. This Program is for HR Business Partners committed to taking their own work and their team to the next level.

Before you make a decision on a Human Resources Management program, it is important to think about a few things. Some training may not be suitable for everyone. It all depends on the needs of your company and your personal preferences.

Human Resource Management is a way to improve company performance through better management of human resources. This is not the same for a small business, but it may be applicable to an international business.

A small business might be more interested on people management while a large company may prefer to focus on strategic topics. Before you sign up, it is a good idea to read the instructor’s course material and review their instructions.

Simply put, can you learn wherever you want, whenever you want, and how you want? Is the course material available on all devices? Is it possible to start a module, take 15 minutes, and then move on to the next (or can it be self-paced)?

Some people learn best in traditional classroom settings. Some prefer learning online via videos and other digital content. It is entirely up to you which course you choose.

There are many other factors to consider when considering Human Resource Management courses. These factors are directly related the management portion. This is what distinguishes an HR management course from a general HR training program.

Because they manage the organization’s most valuable asset, its employees, an HR manager is a key managerial role. They must also be trustworthy as they are often responsible for confidential information. Highly sought-after are experienced and qualified human resource managers. HR certification is essential when applying for jobs.

The courses cover the most important principles of HR and cover the entire employee lifecycle. These include talent acquisition (creating job advertisements and interviewing candidates), benefits and payroll, employee wellness, change management (if a business moves to another model or building for example), and finally discipline and termination. It is a rewarding but challenging field. You can take a few courses to find out if this is the right career path for you. Alison’s free courses can be a great way to refresh your knowledge if you’re returning to the field after a long absence. All registrations, enrollments, and completion of courses are free. Certification is available at an additional nominal cost.

It is crucial that you are a competent HR manager.

There are more opportunities than ever in this field, as the HR industry continues to grow at a double-digit rate. It is important that you are able to use the opportunities.

To improve your skills, you don’t have to return to graduate school. You can choose from these top-quality online courses, which all HR managers can use for a better job in the global job market.