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Forex trading appears to be a difficult task. You may not need to trade on foreign exchange markets to make a profit. Since long, copy trading has been available on the market. This is a way to automatically copy successful traders' transactions into an account. Simply connect to the service and select an account you wish to copy to make profit. Copy trading refers to an automated trading system where transactions are copied from one account into another. How is this possible? You can copy transactions from special platforms. Once you have registered on such a platform, you can choose a provider of signals to subscribe to his trading signals. Once the trader has completed his transactions, they are automatically replicated in you trading account.
Justforex Pros
Earnings without any knowledge
Transactions can bring you profit, regardless of your skill level
Trades are performed by professional traders
Trading style. You can choose the signals provider that suits your trading style
Enjoy more time. It is not necessary to spend much time watching the market
You can choose as many signal providers as you like
This allows you to diversify your risks
This helps to minimize losses and ensures that you don't lose all your money at once
You can hedge a losing deal with another one that is profitable
The profit is smaller but the risk of losing all the money goes down
Justforex Cons
High risk
Forex can be ambiguous and unpredictable
Even though the trades are profitable, signals providers can make mistakes and turn minus
Copy trading is risky
Professional degradation
Copying someone else's deal can cause you to lose your unique flair
You don't pay attention to the market, you don't learn from your mistakes, and you avoid technical and fundamental analysis
As the muscles are not exercised, the brain can relax without new knowledges
Always turn on the trading platform/terminal
Stocks are a way to own shares in a company you invest in. You can expect a return on your investment as the company grows. What are the pros and disadvantages of investing in stock markets? The stock market has historically provided generous returns for investors, but it can also go down. Investors have the option of profit or loss and the potential to both return and take risk.
Stock Market College Pros
With economy, grow
Keep ahead of inflation
It's easy to buy
You don't have to invest a lot to get started.
Dividends and price appreciation can bring you income
Stock Market College Cons
Research takes time
Profitable stock sales are subject to tax
Emotional ups & downs
Competing with professional and institutional investors
Trade Nation's intuitive, well-designed trading app is a great platform for beginners in forex and CFD trading. Trade Nation may not have the advanced features that you would expect from top trading platforms, however, it might be a problem for seasoned traders.
Trade Nation Pros
Regulated in Australia and the U.K., South Africa, and the Bahamas
Trade Nation's web and mobile platforms are well-designed and simple to use. This has earned them a Best in class ranking for their Ease Of Use category.
Smart News, available on the web platform and mobile app, curates tweets and news headlines.
ChartIQ on Trade Nation powers charts for mobile and web.
Trading signals powered by Acuity Trading can be easily copied using a click in a trade ticket.
Fixed spreads are competitive for CFD and forex trading, except during rollover.
Loyalty rebates in South Africa or the Bahamas offer discounts starting at 10% on spreads and a maximum of $2,500 per client.
Trade Nation Cons
Web platform lacking headlines and market research beyond smart news feature.
Blog updates are only occasionally available on market research.
It is very limited in terms of educational content and the videos and articles are not varied.
MetaTrader Suite is no longer being promoted.
Globex360 is a global online trading platform that allows you to trade Forex, CFDs, and indices. You can also trade with precious metals. All available energy and cryptocurrencies. Our goal is to provide our clients with the best trading experience possible. Our Group was established in 2017 and has expanded its global reach since then. It offers its services globally through its regulated trading partners. Globex360deg has become a truly global company. We are able to support our clients in any geographic area they may trade. We have strong working relationships with our partners.
Globex360° Pros
Our leveraged products and exchange traded funds allow you to trade gold
Regulated by FSCA and FIAMLA, POCA2002, POCA 2002, and POTA2002
Different trading accounts are available depending on traders' experience
A variety of trading instruments
Globex360° Cons
It does not offer protection against negative balance
The withdrawal process can take a while
Accepts no clients from the USA, Canada, or Belgium
Only MT4 trading platform available
Stock Market Dynamics is an accredited online financial education company based in South Africa that offers courses about how to trade successfully on the financial markets. Our motto is Trading made easy. Every client is unique and needs a different approach. Our mission is help clients navigate changing market conditions and personal life circumstances to create a strategy that suits their needs. We are objective about your situation and value the relationship. This is why you will get the best advice and direction. We offer access to many investment products and services. We are here to help you make informed decisions and manage your portfolio. It's impossible to wrong thousands of clients. Thanks to its reputation built over five years, our brand has thousands of satisfied clients. We strive to maintain that high standard of excellence as part of our mission. We create a trusting, reliable, and technologically advanced trading environment, while providing exceptional customer service to every client.
Stock Market Dynamics Pros
Increase your sales
Find out more about your customers
Keeps you competitive
Free sales training
Stock Market Dynamics Cons
Big commission
Customers frustrated
Lost business
If you listen to successful forex traders talking about the benefits of working from home, it sounds like a dream job. However, others have difficulties adapting to trading from home. You might wonder if this is the right job for you or a waste of your time. Are you a home-based trader? Check out our pros and cons to learn more!
Forex Academy Pros
You can work from home! You don't need to commute and you don't have to answer to anyone. If you prefer, you can work from home in your pajamas.
You'll save money: If you don't need to drive to work every day, you can save between $30 and $50 per week. This can be transferred to your trading account. It will be easier to eat at home than going to a drive-thru every day.
Flexibility: You don't need to ask for extra time off if your children are sick or require a ride home because of an emergency. You can sleep in if you wish. Forex trading is a great option because it can be done anywhere you are connected to the internet and a working phone.
Making money: While you might lose some money, there are always potential surprises when you make more money than you anticipated. This surprise bonus might make you want to go on vacation for the weekend.
Forex Academy Cons
Distractions can be found everywhere! Distractions are everywhere! A tv on the background, children running around the house, barking dogs outside. It doesn't help that your spouse is trying hard to talk while you're trying focus. You don't need to worry as much about this if you live alone. However, it is possible to be distracted by Facebook and other distractions while working.
You need to decide where you will be working. Your laptop is at risk of getting juice on it if it sits on the coffee table in your living room for more than a minute. You might be lucky enough to have an office, or live alone. But those who don't may find it difficult to find a place to work.
Too much flexibility: You don't have a job schedule or a boss to follow your lead. It might be more difficult to say no to a friend who wants to take you out to lunch, or just because you feel the need to get outside the house. You can trade with your phone, but this freedom may cause you to trade less often.
Trade friendly environments are important. Do you have fast internet access where you live? This is not always possible in rural areas. Sometimes, your internet connection may not work when other people are connected. If this happens, you might have to fight your spouse or kick your children off their tablets.
Profits can't be guaranteed. With a regular job you know that you'll bring home a paycheck each week. Trading is subjective and you don't know what you'll get.
CFDs can be complex instruments that could lead to rapid losses due to leverage. CFDs can be complex and result in losing money quickly. This provider is responsible for 70% of all retail investor accounts. It is worth considering whether you are familiar with CFDs and whether you can afford the high risk of losing money. Professional clients may lose more than what they deposit. Trading involves risk.
IG Markets Pros
You can trade gold with our leveraged funds or exchange traded funds
You have great withdrawal and deposit options
Excellent educational tools
Web trading platform of the highest quality
IG Markets Cons
Slow customer service
Limited product portfolio
CFD and forex fees are high
A debt counsellor can help you negotiate lower interest rates and smaller monthly payments if your debt is too high. This helps you to manage your debt and also teaches you responsibility as your agreement can be canceled if you miss a payment.
Standard Bank Pros
Creditors cannot sue you if you are in debt counseling
It is not a permanent record that you have been through debt counseling.
Only one monthly payment is required
Before you can make provision for debts, your budget should first meet your basic needs.
You won't ever pay more than you can afford.
A debt counselor will recommend ways to cut costs and save money.
Your creditors will not call you to demand payment.
Standard Bank Cons
While you are undergoing debt counseling, you can't have more credit.
Although it does cost some money, the law sets the fees.
Paying smaller monthly amounts might make it take you longer to pay off your debts
EasyEquities (EE), a JSE-listed subsidiary of Purple Group Limited (PPE), allows anyone to purchase shares in brands and companies they like. Newbies and seasoned investors can both grow their wealth for as low as R5, 10, or any amount available. There are no brokerage fees, and they don't have to pay monthly. EE powered By First World Trader (Pty), an authorized financial service provider, places a strong emphasis on customer satisfaction. Our goal is to be an acknowledged and respected financial services provider. The platform was created with the primary goal of treating our customers fairly.
EasyEquities (EE) Pros
Find the best prices for gold
Opening a digitally-enabled account is easy
Great educational materials
Trading fees are low and there are no trading fees
EasyEquities (EE) Cons
There is a limited product selection
Basic research tools
Poor customer service
ThinkMarkets was established in 2010 and is a multi-asset online brokerage. It has hubs in London and Melbourne, as well as hubs in Asia-Pacific, North Africa and Europe. The industry standard MetaTrader 4 and the next-generation MetaTrader 5 are just a few of the best-known trading solutions. Best Mobile Platform was awarded by the forex community.
ThinkMarkets Pros
Spot prices for gold trade
Available accounts for PAMM and MAM
Provides for beginners traders
Tight spreads
ASIC, FCA and FSCA are authorized to regulate and authorize the FSA, CySEC, and JFSA
ThinkMarkets Cons
ThinkZero Account: Commissions
No US, Russia, Canada clients allowed


Before you can start trading, it is important to determine the goal of the trader. An exchange is the best choice for a beginner who wants to work independently and earn a profit. He may prefer to trade through intermediaries.

Keep in mind that each site has different details. You should base your decision on this.

Stock broker’s quality and usability

Some platforms are slow and not as fast as others. This affects both the delay in graphical displays of exchange rates and the timeliness for transactions. This can make traders mad, even though intraday traders may not notice it.

Stock Broker Regulation and Trust

This market is flooded by scammers, thanks to the rapid development of Internet technology. To siphon money, crooks set up fly-by-night businesses. These companies don’t have any regulators, partners or even a brokerage license. These platforms often promise instant profits and mountains of gold, but many people fall for them.

It is important to select the best Stock Trading Platform South Africa, which is owned by large-name companies with licenses and strong regulatory support.

Online Security and Account Protection

The platform is secure and confidential, but these factors are also dependent on the stockbroker you choose.

Brokerage Account Offerings

Pay close attention to daily trading volume. A popular exchange will have a high turnover. You have a better chance of making money by trading on this exchange if there is a high trading volume.

Broker account fees

Paid software at most brokers guarantees both legitimate data and overall reliability from the exchange. A single failure on the self-made platform can result in trader losing much more than the quality subscription fees.

A broker may charge a commission to provide his services. Depending on the volume of shares traded, the commission charged by different brokers can vary from $0.3 to $3 per lots.

Brokers that do not charge commission from trader may be available. Or Stock Trading Platforms with a bonus. It is worth asking what hidden fees a company might be able to make a profit in such situations.

Commissions for trading

OTC trading is not considered because the data is often generated internally and not from the market. This is why it is important to consider the cost of software. The market date is data on buying and selling instruments, etc. The broker provides this information through the exchange. If you receive a trading terminal and consequently a free market day, you should reconsider. The broker that provides this software free of charge will likely earn hidden fees.

Customer Service

Free software will almost always be the same quality as paid software. Traders will be faced with many inconveniences, including inability to send orders, platform freezes, and complete inoperability. We mentioned earlier that the request can be sent not directly to an exchange, but via the server of the company providing the platform. This is the problem. The trader can’t control the request and is often made a fool of by unscrupulous businesses. Choose wisely.

Review the product on the internet

Review the various trading platforms in South Africa. Every site will only write positive things about itself. Independent observers or people who have worked with South African Stock Trading Platforms can tell you the truth.

Depositing and withdrawing funds

It is important to know how funds can be withdrawn and deposited. It is important to know in advance the conditions and how fast you can withdraw and deposit funds. Also, what payment systems are supported by this exchange.

What stock trading platforms can I use to trade in South Africa?

South Africa has many stock trading platforms. Here is a list of some of the top-rated and most popular Stock Trading Platforms in South Africa.

Top Stock Trading Platforms

AvaTrade ZA
EasyEquities (EE)
IG Markets
SA Shares
Standard Bank
Stock Market Dynamics.
Trade Nation

How much money do you need to start investing?

To invest in the stock market, you don’t have to be wealthy. You can start investing with as little as $10 if you choose the best Stock Trading Platform in South Africa for beginners. You can also earn more if you invest more.

Can I purchase stocks without a broker

You can trade without a broker. You would have to open your own brokerage account or make the direct stock purchase/dividend reinvestment.