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Retail Service Excellence
This course covers people skills from many angles, including attitude, teamwork, and expectations of all stakeholders. Understanding the concepts will help role players deliver excellence which will ensure strong relationships with customers. That is what makes a business grow. Every company wants to hire people who understand the basics as well as the dynamics of business. This course will provide you with a solid understanding of everything.
Price: 799
Cities: Prerotia,
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Employment: No

Online learning allows you to choose the best environment for you to learn in. PATNET invites you to sign up and begin at any time and study anywhere. Students will receive their study materials in digital format, or a combination of digital and printed formats.

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Africa College Of Technology (FET Training Institution) offers ICT skills and learning programmes that are internationally and locally accredited. It also offers Nated qualifications, e.g. Business & Engineering (N4-N6). Our courses are designed for matriculants, college graduates, corporates and parastatals, as well as government institutions. We offer a variety of Vendor Specific Programmes such as […]

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