Best Training courses providers in South Africa
Best React Js Training Providers in Pretoria

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What courses are available?

We offers a wide range of courses that are offered by a variety of learning providers. There are many courses available, each with their own study methods and time frames. Many also offer tutor support. There are many learning options, whether you’re looking to earn a regulated qualification or a course that provides CPD hours or qualifications.

What’s a qualification?

An awarding body that is regulated by government bodies can only deliver a qualification. OFQUAL is the most common one that you will see on-site. However, there are different regulating bodies for every country in the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland. Each regulating body keeps a list of qualifications it regulates.

What study methods are available?

The course you choose and the method you use to study it will determine how you learn. You can enroll in either an offline course that allows you to access the content offline, or a classroom course in which the course is taught in a live classroom at a specific location. offers a range of in-company and distance learning courses.

What courses are free?

Students can take free courses at These courses are a great way for you to learn more about a topic you’re interested, without having to make a financial commitment.

Udemy offers a wide range of courses that will help you add React to your dev skills or build full-stack web applications using tools such as Redux, NodeJS and MongoDB.

Facebook developed React, a Javascript front-end library. React can be described as a user interface library that is used to build web UI components. If that were all React did it would only be a template library. React developers define components using a HTML-like syntax called JSX. These encapsulated elements manage their own state. It is easy to pass rich data to a Component and to keep the Application and its components’ state out of the Document Object Model. React components can react dynamically to state changes and be efficient. React components can be combined into simple web applications or complex web applications.

React is an open source JavaScript frontend library. It is considered a frontend framework by some developers because it does more than standard library functions. React is most commonly used to create dynamic user interfaces that can be used in single-page web applications. React’s structure makes it more useful than just for creating websites. React’s syntax extension for Javascript, JSX is a feature that allows you to create a template for HTML and manage the state of an element. JSX can also be used to interface with HTML. React Native uses React for mobile apps. JSX is used instead of HTML to create mobile UIs. React and JSX can be used to interact with hardware such as React Hardware.