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AvaTrade is a broker offering fixed spreads. This makes AvaTrade an excellent choice for scalpers as the spreads are predictable. It also provides protection for traders who trade in volatile markets.

AvaTrade, a multi-regulated broker, offers tight fixed spreads on a variety of currency pairs as well as CFDs. AvaTrade is a market maker broker and uses internal liquidity pools as well as a dealing desk for execution of orders. Fixed spreads, which are not subject to commission and don’t fluctuate as much with market conditions, are used by brokers.

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  • Terim
    2022-05-12 12:45:43

    Avatrade is a huge scam! Never deposit money on their platform. I made a $300 deposit to my avatrade account. I then entered a trade. Everything was going in the right direction. I then closed my laptop and relaxed. After about two hours, I opened my account again to find that $300 had disappeared. I reached out to support but no one responded.

  • Flora
    2022-05-12 12:45:41

    AvaTrade's service is superior to other trading platforms. The webinars are very helpful. AvaTrade keeps in touch with me regularly to check on my progress.

  • Dagonon
    2022-05-12 12:45:39

    Excellent apps. I highly recommend Ava Trade.

  • Betty
    2022-05-12 12:45:37

    Best broker with instant online support and trade execution.

  • Sibusiso
    2021-12-01 14:18:52

    Provisional registration is not available for students in their first year of study at any level (including Hons MSc or PhD).

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