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Learn PHP from Scratch
Course description: This interactive course will teach you the basics of PHP programming. It is the most used language in the world. It starts with a Hello world program. The course then covers the most common concepts in PHP, such as Loop Statements or Conditional Statements. Next, we will discuss the idea of functions as well as arrays. Then, it dives into more advanced concepts such as Classes, Inheritance and Exception Handling. It will help you understand PHP basics and prepare you for more advanced concepts.
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9 hours
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Type of training: Online
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  • Katty's subscription form does not clearly indicate that you will automatically be charged. After a month it worked, I stopped using it. I was charged $40 per month, until I realized it. The first month is fine, but the remaining 3 transactions must be returned. This is called "subscription refund policy fraud" and they won't return the money. Be careful.

  • Kostantine

    Design is an increasingly important topic in technical interviews. All the resources are available online. It can be hard to know where to start and how to answer questions. It was very helpful, and Grokking the System Design Interview proved to be extremely useful. Grokking Dynamic programming patterns and Grokking Coding Interview were my next steps. These courses have significantly improved my problem solving skills. I am now much more proficient than I was eighteen months ago. I have solved more than 350 questions on Leetcode and feel very confident. Without Educative, this would not have been possible. These courses can be a great way of getting rid of fear related to technical interview preparation.

  • Robin

    Excellent platform that offers a variety of high-quality courses. It is also very affordable for all the knowledge gained. It has been a great tool for my interview preparation. I will continue to use it as a learning platform.

  • Iren

    Educative is my go-to source for quality learning materials. These courses are excellent for software engineers who want to prepare for interviews. Nearly all of the people I have spoken to rated Grokking System Design Interview the best course. The "Grokking Coding interview: Patterns to Coding Questions" course is my favorite. You can identify the best way to approach any problem by using some patterns. This comprehensive list of courses will help you to identify the best solution for any problem.

  • Tommy

    My subscription cannot be cancelled. They charged me $199, but gave me no receipt or access to any classes or content. They said that I needed an order number, which I have not received, and they won't refund or cancel my money. This is definitely a scam. This company will be reported to the BBB and consumer reports. I'll also fight with my credit card company for the stolen money.

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