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All of our course presenters and developers are currently practicing as either social workers in private practice, specialist wellness counsellors or registered counsellors. Therefore; students can be assured that they will receive practically applicable skills training, based on real-life counselling experiences and situations, instead of purely theoretical information.
Each one of our course presenters and developers has a deep and sincere passion for mental health and wellness.
Most of our course presenters and developers each have over 10 years’ experience in the counselling field.
Through living out our passion and our talents within HUMANITAS, we strive towards:
Empowering and enabling students to COUNSEL CONFIDENTLY!

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Counselling Course
Course description: Most psychology honour students who would like to pursue a masters’ degree, do not get accepted the first few times around. Honour students who are not accepted into a masters’ programme, are often told that, unfortunately; they can only “volunteer” until the following year’s masters applications or that they would need to pursue a different route all together. For this reason, so many people end up feeling disheartened, helpless and hopeless and many give up on their counselling dreams after not being accepted into honours or masters in psychology; stuck with a degree or an honours degree; not knowing where to go from there.
Course type: Online
Availability of a certificate:
Number of lessons:
Course duration:
4 Months
Frequency of visiting classes:
Type of training: Online
Course broadcast type:
Checking homework:
Graduation project:
What will I get from this course? :
Price: R18999
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Last reviews for "HUMANITAS"
  • Amanda

    Great teacher. The materials that you have learned can be used immediately! I gained a lot of knowledge about project management, and how important it is to control costs. Analyze phase and other hypothesis testing. It was fun to learn and I love learning new things.

  • Juliea

    It's great to have an instructor who can answer questions and allow students to ask questions they might not have thought of. Labs are great because they give you the opportunity to get hands-on experience.

  • Hai Po

    Great resources to help you pass your exam. Flexible online programs are available 24 hours a days. The staff is very responsive and helpful to your needs and requests.

  • Flatial

    Online classes were excellent, especially because they are recorded and available at any time. Online test prep exams are also available to help you understand what type of questions you'll see on the exam.

  • Baron

    It was sometimes difficult due to the loss of classes or dropping classes. It was also difficult to find the books and materials that I needed. My instructor was very knowledgeable.

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