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Trifocus Fitness Academy

Trifocus Fitness Academy is South Africa’s preferred Health and Fitness Educational Academy. Our academy offers the most extensive array of Personal Training Courses , Fitness, Sport and Health Qualifications and on the market, at the most competitive prices. All courses have easy and flexible payment options, making breaking into the exciting world of health and fitness affordable and accessible.

All courses are locally and internationally accredited so the student can work at ALL commercial, private health or fitness facilities nationwide or abroad.

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Course description: The field of Sport Psychology is an interesting and ever-evolving area in the world of sports. The role of a soft skills sports psychologist differs significantly from that of a licensed sports psychologist in that soft skills sports psychologists are not permitted to identify and treat psychological disorders. Rather, soft skills sports psychologists deal with individual issues that reach further than the scope of a sports coach. After completion of the course, you will gain a deeper understanding of what makes a sportsman or -woman tick. In so doing, you’ll help them to improve their performance by allowing them to overcome any mental obstacles they may have to succeeding as an athlete.
Course type: Online
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4 months
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Type of training: Online
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Price: R5775
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Last reviews for "Trifocus Fitness Academy"
  • Frenk

    The training was unstructured and rushed. It's a horrible waste of money. It is also a terrible waste of time.

  • Diana

    The school offers a high quality education at a very affordable price. Trifocus Fitness Academy was a great option for me as an American looking to get a legal degree at a lower cost. After looking through the program, I made my decision.

  • Jamal

    This university has excellent tutors and is a great place to study. I learned a lot from my online MBA. Today is my Big Day, and my Graduation Ceremony starts in a few minutes. Yes! I am happy and grateful. It was possible.

  • Abby

    The program is organized and systematic. I love the curriculum. Students can find the system easy to use. It is continuously reviewed and updated. It is very adaptable to students of different nationalities.

  • Lucas

    I originally registered for the Post Grad Cert, but the impact of the knowledge I gained on my work was so incredible that I decided to register for the MBA. All of the tutors were professional, knowledgeable and kind. I didn't have to wait for feedback regarding questions or marks. It is well-managed - they clearly communicate what is expected and send reminders before deadlines. The mark feedback is thorough which allows for continuous improvement. Although I'm not an academic, the knowledge I gained has made my business more profitable by at least 20%. It was well worth it, in my opinion.

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